Progressively Proving Our Immortality

Throughout the centuries seers and prophets have spoken of immortality, and religions have put forth many philosophies on the desirability and modes of attaining immortality. Christian Science, the promised Comforter, unfolds the practical, scientific method of progressively bringing to light, of demonstrating here or hereafter, the present immortality and perfection of man. It does this in keeping with Christ Jesus' promise, "Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." John 11:26;

This Science teaches that Life, Spirit, Soul, is God, the divine Principle of all creation, who is without beginning or end. It teaches that God is completely incorporeal, infinite, all-inclusive good, exempt from all evil, materiality, sin, sickness, and death. It shows that man is made in God's own image and likeness, perfect, immortal, and pure. He is free of the limitations of matter and mortality and is as incorporeal as God is.

Keep Melody in Your Heart
May 29, 1971

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