There Is a Way Out of Tragedy

It is the fallacious, finite belief that life is material which casts the shadow of tragedy. To the degree that our thoughts turn to the eternal, spiritual verities revealed by Christian Science, the shadow of tragedy dissolves. The knotted complexities of circumstance, the screaming vacuums of noncommunication, the cruel chanciness of mortal existence, for all their impressiveness, fade when our genuine, Godlike being is discerned.

A young Christian Scientist I know found that it was possible to pierce the rock-bottom depression brought on by tragic events in his life. He completely turned his mental back on the human situation and began to visualize in thought the exact, spiritual opposite of tragedy, realizing that the qualities inherent in such spiritual perception were the real conditions of his being—then and ever. The spell of tragedy was broken and with it the verdict of being trapped in an unbearable human condition.

Find Security by Dwelling in Love
May 9, 1970

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