As the result of a visit of a kind woman who was a Christian Scientist...

As the result of a visit of a kind woman who was a Christian Scientist, I began attending a Christian Science Sunday School. At the time of her visit I felt such a deep sense of love radiating from her that I can remember wanting to do something to reciprocate. I went into the garden, gathered a large bouquet of flowers, and presented them to her. Little did I know at that time that what she was presenting to me was indeed the pearl of great price.

Not long after, I had my first healing in Christian Science, and it was instantaneous. I had suffered from severe earache and ear infection, believed to be connected with swimming. Although I dearly loved to swim, the recurring suffering from this condition took all the joy out of it. After a severe attack an ear specialist recommended an operation because the ears were so badly abscessed. Then my parents decided to ask for help in Christian Science and called a Christian Science practitioner. I was called from the bed to the telephone. As the practitioner spoke to me with tenderness of God and His perfect child, all pain ceased and a great calm came over me. I knew I was healed and would never be bothered with an earache again. Mrs. Eddy's statement proved true (Science and Health, p. 217): "When you have once conquered a diseased condition of the body through Mind, that condition never recurs, and you have won a point in Science." This healing occurred over thirty years ago, and I have never had an earache since.

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RADIO PROGRAM NO. 378 - The Love That Makes Free
July 5, 1969

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