During the last war I was living in the Hampstead area of London

During the last war I was living in the Hampstead area of London. We had antiaircraft guns near the house, and the noise of these and the enemy planes and bombs kept us awake at night. I was also very nervous because I had recently taken into my care a young child and felt that I could do nothing to protect him. I was not interested in Christian Science at this time, but I believed in the protective power of God. I used to repeat the forty-sixth Psalm over and over during these nights of air raids, especially verse 5: "God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved." Although houses quite near us were bombed, the only damage to our home was a broken bolt on the back door!

At this time I became subject to very bad headaches, which were diagnosed as migraine, and the doctors told me that this was incurable. I was given very strong sedatives, which I was most unwilling to take because a near relative had been a drug addict and had passed on at the early age of twenty-nine. When the kind doctor who was attending me left the district, I made up my mind to do without the sedatives. Soon after this an old friend began to visit me and talked to me about Christian Science. She worked as a secretary and had stayed on in London because she felt that it was the right thing to do. She told me about Christian Scientists she knew who were air raid wardens but were not afraid! I was very much interested in what my friend said, and wished that I could go to a Church of Christ, Scientist. But the nearest one was quite a long way away, and at that time transport was very difficult.

After the war I was able to move out of London. I thought it would be better for my small boy. A friend in Camberley had a children's school, and I found a house nearby. On the first evening after our removal, I went out for a stroll. About five minutes' walk from my home there was a Christian Science church and Reading Room. I began to visit the Reading Room and attend the services. Everyone was very kind and friendly. All that I read and heard was uplifting, and with the help of a Christian Science practitioner I was healed of the migraine.

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RADIO PROGRAM No. 376 - When Teen-agers Miss a Parent's Love
June 21, 1969

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