"A youth that never grows old"

One might ask if it is possible for a student of Christian Science to remain youthful, mentally and physically, during all his earthly pilgrimage. Science answers that undeclining vigor and freshness are not only possible but spiritually normal and that therefore we should prove them at every stage. This Science shows that it is as essential to overcome the belief of age and decrepitude as the belief of disease, sin, and death. Advancing age is a false belief. Admitting this belief as real reproduces it in our lives, and that, along with the accumulation of problems left unsolved, is all there is to aging. Aging has actually nothing to do with years. Through progressive demonstration we shall learn that there is no mysterious power called time influencing our lives. Time is only mortal thought.

In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy relates an incident, published in a London medical magazine, of a young woman who lost all sense of passing years and every day stood at a window watching for her lover's coming. She believed that that moment of time never changed. Consequently she manifested no change in mind or body. After reaching the age of seventy-four she appeared to be under twenty. Mrs. Eddy writes: "Years had not made her old, because she had taken no cognizance of passing time nor thought ofherself as growing old. The bodily results of her belief that she was young manifested the influence of such a belief." Science and Health, p. 245;

Changing the Notion of Chance
June 21, 1969

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