Morality Has a Spiritual Basis

One must look beyond the apparent material nature of mankind to find the true basis of morality. If man were considered to be just a material organism or an animal, what would prevent society from reverting to the jungle? There is a spiritual force, a divine intelligence, which underlies morality and civilization.

Civilized society cannot exist without some understanding of God, divine Spirit. And the tendency to deny God is self-destructive. But, of course, very much depends upon a correct concept of God and of man as God's child. If one denies God, he denies Life; and this is suicidal. If one denies God, he denies Principle, the very foundation of law, order, justice, and harmony. If one denies God, he denies Soul, the basis of identity and individuality, the source of all the higher sensibilities of man. The materialist who denies God just doesn't know what he is talking about.

March 1, 1969

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