Happiness and Morality

Among those who advocate what is called the new morality are some who assert that the aim for their life is just to be happy. They advocate rejecting responsibility, going off by themselves, and doing just what they please. It is a kind of isolation, a lifting of all rules, a nonthink attitude. They even claim that this helps them face themselves, let go of all inhibitions and automatically be happy. Drugs may figure in the effort to attain the happy attitude.

Obviously there is little or no attempt to define happiness, for this end is a vague, undefined, call-it-what-you-please goal. It may even be just a throwing off of restrictions, a rebellion against definition, a dream state. It is said in support of this approach that when you do away with all rules and standards you get down to more genuine relationships and more honest attitudes. But this whole extreme posture is material in its approach. It is largely predicated on what one may feel through the material senses. It is shortsighted, for it fails to take into consideration the element of evil and its destructive influence in human experience. This is its fatal flaw.

Testimony of Healing
Throughout my life I have depended upon Christian Science...
May 20, 1967

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