"Be not conformed to this world"

We are living in an age of conformity. The general trend is to impose so many restrictions and regulations that individuals are forced to conform to a standardized pattern. It becomes increasingly difficult to express individuality in dress, in manner of speech and activity, in family life, in thinking. Mass media of communication, such as the press, radio, and television, tend to contribute to this standardization. Everywhere people are rushing to get what other people have, wear what other people wear, drive what other people drive, eat and drink what other people eat and drink. Even small children are influenced by the desire to be like others. Only the relatively rare rugged individual dares to be different.

And yet the greatest man who ever lived was utterly original. His entire approach to life was unusual. He refused to think standardized thoughts or to live in conformity with the world. Christ Jesus was a man who expressed individuality in everything that he said and did. He was not afraid to be different. He exposed the world and its claims as worthless and glorified the things of Spirit.

What We Think and What We Say
May 20, 1967

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