Christian Science was presented to me over forty years ago by...

Christian Science was presented to me over forty years ago by an aunt whom I went to visit. Although I felt no need of it at the time, I did turn to it about ten years later when I was living with a cousin who encouraged me to attend Christian Science church services with her.

My first healing was that of corns on every toe of both feet and between my toes as well. I hobbled around for several months in agony before deciding to call on a Christian Science practitioner for treatment. I remember her saying to me over the telephone, "Why don't you dig them out?" I wondered at the time why she said that, for it seemed she was asking me to do something in a way which was not quite the way things are done in Christian Science; but it soon came to me what she really meant was that I should dig out of my thinking the wrong thoughts that had been handling me for a long time. As a result of her help and my faithful study of the weekly Lesson-Sermons, outlined in the Christian Science Quarterly, the corns disappeared within a very short time.

January 14, 1967

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