Discipline Is Essential to Freedom

Many things are done in the name of freedom which result in just the opposite effect. Reckless driving may result in arrest and confinement. Abrogation of moral law may result in depriving one of liberties and may destroy the harmony of home and family. Indulgence in alcohol often results in slavery and the limitation of one's effectiveness and ability. This is not a new phenomenon, for in the allegory of Adam and Eve the so-called liberty to listen to the serpent deprived them of joy and harmony.

Some of the demands for freedom heard among the youth of today require a hard and long look—a thorough examination. Freedom from what and for what? The interpretation of freedom rests upon one's point of view. There are undoubtedly many traditional human viewpoints that might well be challenged and overturned in the name of progress. But God's law has a timeless nature, and regardless of the age or circumstance one can never obtain freedom by disobeying the divine mandates.

April 23, 1966

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