In the spring of 1948, before I...

In the spring of 1948, before I knew of Christian Science, an orthopedic surgeon operated on one of my feet in an effort to correct a deformity. Before the operation, he explained that at best I would have only a poor made-over foot. He said one effect of the operation would be that a large area of my foot would be dead, due to the fact that the nerves would be severed. I mentally refuted this statement, knowing that I could not be partly alive and partly dead. And I had no dead area in the foot after the operation.

However, the rest of the doctor's prediction came to pass although I faithfully wore the corrective shoes he had prescribed. My toes had a tendency to pile on top of each other, and the bones in my foot and ankle protruded whenever I stood for any length of time. I was never able to stand correctly because the sole of my foot was a mass of painful calluses.

Testimony of Healing
Shortly after my parents became...
May 23, 1964

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