Christian Science was presented...

Christian Science was presented to me by friends whom my husband had told of our difficulties. My husband had been out of work for a year and a half, and I had been under medical care for a stomach disorder during a long period. I weighed only ninety-eight pounds and was very frail. A copy of The Christian Science Journal was given to me, and in reading it, I was particularly impressed by the content of one of the testimonies of healing.

Pondering it, I immediately got up from the couch and prepared and ate a good lunch, something I had not done for a year. This was not all, for I received such a sense of strength from reading the testimony that I cleaned the apartment the same day. When my husband came home he was amazed to see what had been done and asked how I had been able to do the work. Then I told him of the powerful testimony in the Journal.

Testimony of Healing
Whenever I hear someone...
June 9, 1962

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