A Science to Demonstrate

With the discovery of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, a new era for Christianity began, an era in which Christianity is understood to be Science and true Science to be Christianity. This discovery lifts Christian worship above human doctrines and interpretations of the teachings of the master Christian. The Science of Christ demands proof, as any science does, and Christian Science has been proved continuously for nearly a century. Unnumbered cases of sickness and sin have been healed by it. If Science ever seems to fail, this is because it has not been sufficiently understood by earthbound humanity.

One who adopts Christian Science knows that he cannot linger supinely in states of sin, perhaps blaming his repetitions of error upon his forebears or the tyranny of universal beliefs or the contagion of generally accepted personal standards. And workers in Christian Science who endeavor to help mortals out of their difficulties know that scolding a so-called sinner is a poor substitute for the demonstration of the truth. We have a Science to prove, and it is divine. It presents an intelligent method for combating the evils that assail people. No longer can anyone justify a wrong habit or a demoralized state of mind as something he is stuck with.

June 9, 1962

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