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The Link

Prof. Robert A. Proctor, Jr. in The Link, a Protestant magazine for Armed Forces personnel Washington, District of Columbia

Here are a few check points, or guideposts, to help us determine a way of life which will be pleasing to God. 1. How do we see persons? ... How did Christ see persons? We read, "And Jesus looking upon him loved him" (Mk. 10:21) [Rev. Stand. Ver.] and, "So Jesus had compassion on them" (Mt. 20:34, KJV). His basic attitude toward persons was one of love and concern. If decisions concerning others are made against this point of reference, we cannot be far from pleasing God. 2. What does the Bible say? ... The relevancy of the Bible to the life of modern man is often overlooked as we face moments of decision. Christ promised in John 16:13 that the Holy Spirit "will guide you into all the truth" [Rev. Stand. Ver.]. This truth of God is to be discovered as we study the Word of God under the guidance of His Holy Spirit. If decisions are made in the light of this truth, one will steadily progress toward living a life pleasing to God.

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November 10, 1962

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