The longing to rise above uncertainty has persisted for centuries. Christ Jesus, our perfect example, knew the right answer to every question and problem which was presented to him. Like Jesus, we can prove that there is nothing wavering in the consciousness of God's man, who ever expresses the divine Mind in clarity, certainty, and unerring decisiveness.

Answering the question, "Do you believe in man?" Mary Baker Eddy writes in "Unity of Good" (p. 49), "I believe in the individual man, for I understand that man is as definite and eternal as God, and that man is coexistent with God, as being the eternally divine idea." Man is as definite as God, and since the divine Mind acts immediately and unerringly, so does its likeness or expression, man. God, omniscient Mind, is not faced with decisions. Man, reflecting the infallible intelligence of Deity Himself, is likewise free from the necessity of making decisions. Obviously, one's real demonstration is in the understanding and demonstrating of his oneness with omniscient Mind, in the representing of God in every undertaking—in his being man, the very evidence that infinite Mind is present and expressed. Because Mind is ever present, it must be in every situation the Mind of its expression, man. Therefore the individual cannot scientifically say, "I don't know."

March 23, 1957

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