It is time to express my gratitude...

It is time to express my gratitude to God for several years of happiness, protection, and unfoldment of true ideas that have come to me through Christian Science. I should like to relate an experience, lasting several months, which forced me to re-examine my thoughts on what constitutes substance.

A small growth had been present on my nose for about two years. When it became quite large and conspicuous, I realized that more consecrated work was necessary. I saw that, since material sight merely sees what mortal mind conceives, this object was like a picture on the screen, projected by mortal mind and seen by the material eye, but having no real substance or entity. I further saw that since true adhesion is a property of Mind, no material force could make anything false adhere to me, but that I could adhere to the truth of being.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago I found myself...
December 25, 1954

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