"All men shall be satisfied when they 'awake in His likeness,' and they never should be until then." Thus Mary Baker Eddy defines true satisfaction in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 358). Christian Science accepts the Scriptural record of man as made in God's likeness (Gen. 1:26, 27). The following record of creation in the second chapter of Genesis, in which man is described as a mortal, who looks to matter for origin and self-gratification and who quickly degenerates, Christian Science explains as an allegorical presentation of a false sense of existence. In this allegory "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil," the fruit of which is "pleasant to the eyes" (Gen. 3:6), represents the carnal quest for satisfaction in matter, a quest which is never fulfilled because genuine satisfaction can never be found there.

Christian Science reveals true life as actually spiritual, and it exposes the deceptive nature of all mortal existence, showing it to be a state of belief rather than of understanding, or reality. Only in belief does matter seem to provide the fleeting sensations of pleasure sought by carnal appetites. The confirmed alcoholic or the chain smoker, with his insistent repetitious demand for physical sensation, represents the futility of attempting to find satisfaction where it can never be found. On the other hand, the individual who finds true stimulation in spiritual unfoldment and understanding rests in an abiding peace of mind. No will-o'-the-wisp of material deception lures him from true satisfaction in Spirit. He knows the touch of Spirit, and his contentment is continuous.

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March 7, 1953

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