The mission of Christ Jesus was to reveal the Science of being. He proved that God, divine Love, is man's life and that true being—harmonious, continuous, coexistent with God—is above mortal condition or circumstance. He demonstrated that God is the loving Father-Mother of all spiritual creation and that all men in their true selfhood are His children. Our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 256), "Love, the divine Principle, is the Father and Mother of the universe, including man." In defining God, Mrs. Eddy uses seven synonyms: Principle, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life, Truth, Love. These synonyms indicate the wholeness of Deity and show forth different aspects of His nature, but all of them point to one perfect Father-Mother, man's only parent. God's beloved child, therefore, inherits and embodies the qualities of his Father-Mother God.

We read in the Bible that "God created man is his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them" (Gen. 1:27). It follows that man, governed by Principle, manifests fearlessness, poise, control, dependability. As the son of Soul he is an individual spiritual idea, aware only of perfection, steadfastness, and grace. Because he is the offspring of Spirit, man's conception is unconfined; he is ever conscious that his being is spiritual, not material. As the immediate object of Mind he reflects wisdom, intelligence, understanding. As the idea of Truth he is sinless, truthful, and upright. Because he is made in the image and likeness of Life, he manifests true activity, health, joy, vigor, energy, and strength. Man, as the child of Love, is ever blessed and cared for; he is lovable, tender, and just. Thus it is seen that that which constitutes man's selfhood and individuality is the manifestation of spiritually mental qualities, not materiality.

February 21, 1953

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