The Letter and the Spirit of the Mosaic Decalogue

In her writings our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, enjoins obedience to the Ten Commandments, given in the twentieth chapter of Exodus, in both the letter and the spirit. And it is thus the Decalogue is to be taught in Christian Science Sunday Schools. The spiritual import of the Commandments is indispensable to progress in Christian Science. But if the Commandments are presented to pupils only in their spiritual significance without regard to their literal application, the pupils are likely to get a superficial sense of Christian Science, becoming hearers only of the Word; and this would rob them of the rich reward that comes with the doing of the Word.

Children need to understand that failure to practice in daily life any of the Ten Commandments obscures their spiritual understanding. For example, according to the fourth commandment, Christian Science stands for an observed Sabbath. Yet occasionally we hear a pupil say, "Oh, Sunday is just like any other day, for in Christian Science every day is a Sabbath." Such superficial thinking, if not corrected, would tend to deprive mankind of a Christian institution that is of utmost importance to the well-being of nations and individuals. If one ignores that which promotes humanity's spiritual welfare, how can one expect to grasp the spiritual realities of being represented in the book of Genesis by the seventh day?

July 26, 1952

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