It is with gratitude that I testify...

It is with gratitude that I testify to the protective power of Christian Science. Awaking one morning during World War II with a very disturbing sense of danger, I worked diligently for protection. It did not appear possible to remain at home during that day, owing to my having many engagements, but I decided to put first things first and remained to study and pray. As the day passed, instead of feeling at ease I became more disturbed and so turned still more diligently to God, working and praying for guidance. When my family returned that evening at five thirty I was still sitting where they had left me in the morning.

From our home we have a very extensive view, and one member of my family, walking to the window, remarked that there was a tremendous fire burning in the city. Since I had not cleared my thought with all my study during the day, I telephoned a practitioner and told her of the fire, also of my distressing day. She at once declared these words of truth (I Kings 19:11, 12): "The Lord was not in the wind:... the Lord was not in the earthquake:... the Lord was not in the fire." She added, "The still small voice of Truth protects those that love God."

Testimony of Healing
With prayerful expectation that...
July 26, 1952

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