Simplicity of Method

[A contribution from a reader of this column]

Christ Jesus emphasized the need of simplicity on the part of those who would understand his teachings. Philosophical arguing, intellectual technique, and material methods used in the classrooms of schools are ineffectual in approach to an understanding of genuine Christian Science and incapable of imparting spirituality. Since the very essence, the All-in-all, of the Science of Christ is Love, I have found that the attitude in the class toward all therein is a good barometer of how much and how well Christian Science is being presented and assimilated.

At one time when given a class of older girls in the Sunday School, I was not long in noticing a decided clannishness which included a favored few and excluded others. Realizing that these girls were in the Christian Science Sunday School to gain a full, happy, and enriched sense of existence, I began systematically to lay a foundation in that group for the consciousness of world citizenship which Christian Science fosters. First, in discussing the current Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly I pointed to the joy which comes with the discovery of spiritual qualities in our brother man, discovery like that of hidden treasure. I spoke of the quiet helpfulness of the neighborhood postman, the friendliness of the bus driver, the desire to please on the part of store clerks, and the words of interest from cashiers and tradesmen. The girls admitted that they had never noticed any of these.

Testimony of Healing
I was led to borrow the textbook...
January 19, 1952

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