Heart trouble yields rapidly to the truth

Although I had been interested in Christian Science for some years, it was not until I was demobilized at the end of the First World war that I had to decide whether to rely upon Christian Science to heal a severe attack of heart trouble, or whether to continue with medical aid, the latter being, as the doctor had informed me, only of a temporary nature. I am happy to say that through the healing power of Truth, and particularly through some understanding of the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation as given on pages 16 and 17 of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, the healing took place rapidly and has been permanent. I was away from business for only six days.

It would take too much valuable space to relate in detail the countless blessings I have enjoyed since that time through some knowledge of Mrs. Eddy's writings and through the help of a practitioner. I have regained lost weight, over-come fatigue and physical weakness, and on one occasion, having been struck down by some machinery whilst at work, I was able to reach home unassisted, after telephoning a practitioner. I had suffered a broken collarbone, but I returned to work on the following day, and the healing was complete within three days.

I have been healed of grief over the passing on of our eldest son. Severe dyspepsia has been healed. Our daughter has been healed of pneumonia, and our youngest son of weakness brought about by profound grief. In addition, other members of my family have found healing, including my sister, who rapidly overcame two attacks of hemorrhage and also an attack of pneumonia after doctors had given up all hope of recovery. This particular healing took place over twenty years ago, and my sister has enjoyed good health and has been active ever since.

Testimony of Healing
Harmonious childbirth under difficult conditions
March 19, 1949

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