I took up the study of Christian Science...

I took up the study of Christian Science about eight years ago. At that time I was not able to do any of my own housework, was not able to eat any solid food, had lost considerable weight, and was taking several kinds of medicine. I had gone through several clinics and had had every kind of treatment that was suggested to me, but like the woman in the Bible I "had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that [I] had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse" (Mark 5:26). I suffered from severe headaches day and night; in fact, I was never free from them. The many physicians could not diagnose my trouble, and said they could do no more for me. At this time my husband recommended that I try (Christian Science, which I did as a last resort. We called a practitioner, who helped me for several months, and also a Christian Science nurse, who stayed with me for several weeks.

My complete healing was slow, for there were many false traits of character and much fear to be overcome. However, I am grateful that the slow healings made me study to get an understanding of Truth. I am grateful for the physical healings and also for the spiritual uplift and the different outlook on life which an understanding of this Science has given me. I have been healed of the need for wearing glasses, and if I ever have a headache, it is quickly overcome. I do all my own housework and can eat anything that I wish to eat, and I feel better than I have felt for many years.

Testimony of Healing
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August 14, 1948

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