I should like to tell of some of...

I should like to tell of some of the healings which have taken place in our family.

My husband was healed of tuberculosis in one treatment when he had no faith in Christian Science and no understanding of the subject, but saw the practitioner only to please me. He went into detail about all of his troubles, but the practitioner, not appearing impressed, asked him, "Do I look as if I had ever had that disease?" My husband replied, "No," for the practitioner looked very healthy. "Well, I have been healed in Christian Science," said the practitioner. "I also have been a traveling salesman like you, so I understand that what you need is to stop rushing to catch the first train to get business. Your business will be there. Also, you cannot get the other fellow's business, for his is there too." The practitioner then explained how good thoughts entertained would eventually displace evil thoughts in consciousness. In three days, without any more help, my husband was healed. He was also healed of the smoking and social drinking habits. For ten years he led a happy, active life, and this was a wonderful help to me, for we had five small children at that time.

Testimony of Healing
I feel that it is not right to withhold...
October 4, 1947

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