How Do You Feel?

The question, "How do you feel?" so commonly heard, sometimes elicits the answer, "I feel fine," or, "I feel good." But it often brings one of these replies: "I feel bad." "I feel discouraged." "I feel sick." "I feel afraid." "I feel unhappy." "I feel hurt." "I feel old." Just how does it come about that mortals say they feel thus and so? The answer is that whatever the so-called material mind says is their present state of body and mind, they accept as true, call it theirs, and preface it in speech or thought with, "I feel"

To feel means to be conscious of, to be sensible of. Christian Science teaches, that only positive Mind has real sensibility or consciousness. Feeling inheres in Mind, not in mindless mortal mind. This truth is stated by Mary Baker Eddy thus: "Science declares that Mind, not matter, sees, hears, feels, speaks" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 485). Let us remember, then, that all that truly feels is Mind.

Lecture in The Mother Church
February 16, 1946

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