Because of the many beautiful...

Because of the many beautiful healings I have had through Christian Science. I am deeply grateful to God. My first healing, which took place in three weeks, was of nervous prostration. Humanly speaking, I was a physical and mental wreck. My spiritual faith was weak. I was very bitter over the loss of loved ones, and had grieved for years to no avail. After my wonderful healing, I was completely renewed mentally and physically. I was healed of grief. I had found the "pearl of great price. "

Since my first healing, I have had many more proofs of divine power. I was healed of chronic biliousness by reading and studying Mrs. Eddy's allegory on pages 430 through 442 of Science and Health. A badly wrenched arm, a sprained wrist have been healed, and many financial troubles solved, proving God's care at all times. I also have been healed of chronic colds, catarrh, malaria, pyorrhea, and eczema.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my deep...
May 27, 1944

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