Man Is Godlike

A Little boy was ill during the night. His parents made him comfortable and talked to him of God. Soon he went back to sleep. When he awakened in the morning his mother offered to assist him in getting up, but he quickly said, "Mummie, don't make pictures on me." He was completely healed.

This little boy had learned at home and in the Christian Science Sunday School that whatever is not good is not of God, but is only a picture of mortal mind. He had also learned that man, in the image and likeness of God, knows nothing of the pictures of disease, pain, fear, or inharmony. He accepted his healing when his parents declared the truth to him, and he did not expect or experience any after-affect of weakness or apathy. His alertness and expectancy of good dispelled the dream.

The Power of Prayer
April 1, 1944

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