Good Reveals Itself as Perpetual

The story is told that long ago, in a far-away country, an emperor called together the wise men of his kingdom and assigned to them the task of formulating an axiom that would fit all conditions, at all times, in every place. These philosophers took up their task, and after much research and work the axioms were submitted. But the one accepted by the emperor was offered by his daughter: "This, too, will pass."'

This axiom, viewed in the light of Christian Science, and applied to all things material, contains more truth than those philosophers probably dreamed of. For Science teaches that God made all, as the Scriptures declare, and that His creation is changeless and eternal. It is metaphysical logic that whatever appears to pass away never had real existence. Its seeming existence is but the false claim of the carnal mind that life, substance, and intelligence, mutable and mortal, exist in matter.

Sufficient Grace
December 2, 1944

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