That Our Love Wax Not Cold

In the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew's Gospel there is recorded Jesus' prophecy of the inevitable conflict of the forces of good and evil in these words: "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." No one knew better than he the weakness of mortals and their lack of spiritual love wherewith to withstand the stress of evil suggestions. He had already seen some of his followers fall away, and it was to the few faithful ones that he now spoke.

Alas, later they too succumbed to the mesmerism of iniquity that seemed to abound at the time of the betrayal of their blessed Master. and all but the loving John deserted him. After Jesus' resurrection and ascension, however, they gained a higher sense of love and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit which enabled them to remain faithful to his precious teachings and to demonstrate the power of Truth as he did, even amid severe persecutions. And it was not in vain, for their works and example have inspired Christians in all ages to manifest the same courage, endurance, and unselfed love, in order to uphold and disseminate his teaching. The world has benefited immeasurably from the high ideals of Christianity that have thus been established, and from the civilization which has resulted therefrom.

"Moral courage is requisite"
December 5, 1942

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