In Romans (10:3), Paul sets forth the two aspects of righteousness, that which is of God and that which, "being ignorant of God's righteousness," goes about to establish its own righteousness.

A great writer has declared, "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." If we look back on the history of the major and lesser crimes and follies which are recorded of the human race, we see that they have been the outcome of the effort of mankind to establish its own righteousness in the place of God's. Yet how simply and directly does Paul set forth where true righteousness is to be found. Not in a far-off heaven, not from the dead past, is the Christ, "the end of the law for righteousness," to be sought and then made our own. Malachi had foretold that "the Sun of righteousness" would arise "with healing in his wings," and when he did arise with the coming of Christ Jesus, those who were bent only upon the preservation, in bigotry, in arrogance and self-righteousness, of their own systems of religion or politics, determined to be rid of him in relentless, murderous repudiation.

Among the Churches
December 5, 1942

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