With much thankfulness I desire to tell something of...

With much thankfulness I desire to tell something of what Christian Science means to me. Over a period of years I had known Christian Scientists and listened with interest to what they had told me of their experiences; but I believed all the while that I did not need it, and my attempts to understand Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy were failures. For two years prior to 1932 I was very unhappy. It came to me that Christian Science was the way out of my difficulties, and I commenced to study the Lesson—Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly. I realized that Mary Baker Eddy had reinstated the identical religion that Jesus taught. I was given strength to make a decision, and within a short time I was completely free from the personal difficulties which had troubled me. Daily I knew that slander could not injure me, nor swerve me from the purpose of understanding more of this great revelation and of God's will for me. I gained my freedom alone with God and the textbook, Science and Health, for at that time I did not know that problems of this nature could be taken to practitioners. There have been many battles since this deliverance from error, but I have found greater happiness than I ever thought possible.

A few years ago I longed to own a little home of my own, and accordingly had plans drawn and bids submitted for building. Working to clear my thought on the true understanding of home brought just one answer, "Leave it with Him." Several weeks went by and still the answer was the same, and I asked a friend for help. One evening, through his work, I saw clearly that it would be better first to free myself of all financial obligations. I owed no bills personally at that time, but there were some unpaid balances on claims on my father's estate; so I paid these with my own funds, and closed his estate. Within a short time the opportunity came to buy a modest place that was within my means, and I saw again the truth contained in the statement referred to above. Complicated business problems, a lawsuit, and inharmonious physical conditions have been healed with the help of practitioners.

Testimony of Healing
With deepest gratitude I bear witness to the benefits I...
February 15, 1941

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