It is with a deep sense of gratitude for the many benefits...

It is with a deep sense of gratitude for the many benefits received and a desire to help others that I testify to the healing power of Christian Science. During my childhood my mother was stricken with tuberculosis of throat and lungs, and this condition was pronounced incurable by four doctors, three of whom were eminent specialists. She was given only a short time to live unless she left the climate of Ireland. With a view to going abroad she wrote to her brother in New Zealand, and his reply, with a letter from a friend of his who was a Christian Scientist, brought the good news that Christian Science could heal her and told her how to get treatment. She had never heard of this religion and threw the letter aside as absurd, but later decided to give Christian Science a trial. She did not leave Ireland, and after five months' absent treatment she was completely and permanently healed, and her testimony appeared in The Christian Science Journal during 1903. At that time we lived in a country town far from a Christian Science Sunday School, and I took no interest in what my mother tried to teach me.

Years later, during my training as a hospital nurse, I was greatly alarmed on hearing from my mother of symptoms which suggested another serious malady. To satisfy me she submitted to a minor surgical operation, which failed to relieve her, and a year later a major operation was performed. She still continued to suffer after this, and, realizing that medicine could do no more for her, I proposed a return to Christian Science, with the result that she was healed, and this convinced me that Christian Science is the truth.

February 15, 1941

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