True Relationship

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE reveals the truth about man's relationship to God. Jesus of Nazareth taught and proved that his real self was the Christ, the Son of God, beloved of the Father. He was persecuted because, while the materialists of the age boasted of their descent from Abraham, Jesus claimed his sonship with God, saying, "Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." In this age many are willing to acknowledge that Jesus was a great teacher, endowed with wisdom from God, and that he did many mighty works, but they look upon these works as passing phenomena.

The Science of Christ, or Christian Science, takes issue with this belief and teaches that the Christ is the manisestation of the Father, and is without beginning and without end, ever present and eternal. It teaches that the Christ, Truth, comes to the human consciousness to annihilate error or untruth, revealing the way by which we can prove and enjoy our heritage as sons of God.

"Principle is imperative"
February 15, 1941

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