Mesmerism Destroying Itself

Recent years have undoubtedly seen the boldest and largest-scale use of intentional mesmerism, or hypnotism, that the world has known; and this coming from under cover of a method which has nothing to commend it, plainly foreshadows its extinction. For the method has derived its apparent influence, on the one side, from those who have been insufficiently aware of it or else have regarded it as a formidable mystery, and, on the other side, from those who have believed there was something to be gained from it. But in the broad light of day, it inevitably appears that the method, active as it has seemed, is neither formidable, mysterious, nor useful. It is in fact sheer deception, deceiving not only those whom it is intended to deceive—if they do not resist it—but also those who use it. Both groups, in proportion as they accept or believe in this falsity, are blinded to Truth, which alone can bring them satisfaction.

The modes of hypnotism, or mesmerism, which is an older term for the same thing, do indeed demand watchfulness of mankind, and thoroughness in discrediting such false claims. But by such watchfulness and thoroughness as taught in Christian Science, all these modes are proved to be powerless.

November 8, 1941

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