The fact that man has dwelt forever an idea in Mind, expressing the irrevocable nature of permanence and continuity, is the teaching of Christian Science. "Before Abraham was, I am," declared Jesus, thus identifying himself with that which knows neither coming nor going, neither rise nor fall, neither beginning nor end. "Never born and never dying, it were impossible for man, under the government of God in eternal Science, to fall from his high estate," we read on page 258 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. And in the margin are these words: "Individual permanency."

The theory of fallen man, separated from his divine origin, at the mercy of collapse and relapse, struggling continually and often against seemingly overwhelming odds to preserve himself, while knowing little if anything of his spiritual status as a child of God—this has been accepted by believer and unbeliever alike. Identifying himself with material existence, accepting its jurisdictions, hampered by its limitations, overshadowed by its prognostications, weighted by its cruelties and hardships, embittered or humiliated by its injustices and persecutions, mortal man knows neither permanence nor continuity. Yet man, unmenaced by dissolution or disruption, expresses eternal unfoldment in the realm of Mind.

Mesmerism Destroying Itself
November 8, 1941

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