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I am giving the following testimony out of deep gratitude...

I am giving the following testimony out of deep gratitude for Christian Science and for the blessings which I have received through it. In May of 1936, our seven-year-old son was suddenly seized with attacks of dizziness which increased daily. They occurred about every three quarters of an hour, and in the night even more often. We went to nature doctors and finally to the regular doctors. Everything that they did was in vain; the attacks became worse and finally developed into convulsions. The doctors advised an operation on the brain; others suggested care in an institution for the epileptic. Still others advised Christian Science. With a heavy heart I went to a practitioner. Her kindness and her wonderful words regarding God as Love comforted and strengthened me, and I went home feeling more peaceful.

The sickness, however, did not yield; in fact the condition became so bad that the boy had convulsions day and night. The right side became paralyzed, and his understanding and speech failed. We called the doctor, who ordered immediate removal to the hospital for an operation on the brain. This woke us up at last. I went again to the practitioner, whose work inspired me with great courage and new confidence. From that day all doubts were removed, and we turned entirely to Christian Science and would have nothing more to do with other methods of healing. I also spent two days with a kind, faithful adherent of this teaching, who likewise strengthened my faith very much.

Testimony of Healing
My gratitude for Christian Science and for what it is...
June 24, 1939

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