Obedience and Discipline

The formulating of laws or rules of conduct implies obedience to these laws on the part of those who accept them. The entire structure of progressive civilization is established on a foundation of obedience to orderly, just, and enlightened laws and government. Our everyday living, in free countries, is regulated by laws which right-thinking citizens recognize as necessary for the protection of the community, the home, and the individual. It is disregard for and disobedience to right rules or laws that bring disorder, confusion, and ultimately disaster to communities and individuals. Conversely, the more strictly and willingly laws and rules are respected and obeyed, the greater the peace, protection, and security of the community.

As in the small community, so in national governments, the paramount importance of the law of God should be recognized and personal domination eliminated as much as possible, if the people are to be properly protected and governed. There is nothing more definite in Scriptural teachings than the requirement that all peoples and nations should be saved. From what are they to be saved? Largely from the effects of false, material education and preconceived or personally imposed mortal opinions, prejudices, or despotic demands. Christian Science, with its spiritually scientific teachings in regard to God's unchanging law of righteous government, shows clearly the way of salvation.

Prevention and Cure
October 21, 1939

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