A Valuable Prescription

Many people in many lands, who are unacquainted with the healing message of Christian Science, depend entirely on material means for healing physical discord. Frequently one medicine after another is employed, and often the suggestion that a change of climate will produce a cure is accepted. Many such journeys have been taken in search of health, but the result of this search is never satisfactory. Then, still other methods are tried, while actually the true remedy is just at hand.

Those who turn to Christian Science for healing—and in many cases it is turned to as a last resort—learn that sickness proceeds from mortal mind, and never from God, divine Mind, the only cause. The mental nature of sickness is thus exposed. Sickness and inharmony have no foundation in Truth, Mind. Paul said, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." Yet great numbers of people spend large amounts of money in the filling and refilling of medical prescriptions.

"He directs our path"
October 21, 1939

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