Unity of the Church

After attending a membership meeting one evening, the writer came away with some doubts as to the unity of the members of his branch church. For several hours after he retired this question turned itself over and over in his consciousness: What constitutes the unity of the members of a Christian Science church? Prayerful consideration of this question brought an unfoldment which was enlightening and comforting, and which he would gladly share with others.

Through the process of resolving things into thoughts, it became increasingly apparent that there are certain fundamental facts—very important in a world of doubt and contention—upon which all Christian Scientists are agreed.

The Tenets of The Mother Church began to unfold, one by one, and it was seen how through these the thought of all earnest students is focused upon and unified by the understanding of the divine Principle, Love, and of the work of Christ Jesus, the great Exemplar. It is focused also upon man and the universe as the spiritual reflection of God.

The Great Attainment
March 20, 1937

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