"An angel entertained unawares"

Christian Science radically changes many of the viewpoints of its students. For example, it entirely alters their thought about matter, teaching them that since God is infinite Spirit, matter is an unreal or false concept. Further, it makes known to them the fact that because God is infinite good, evil is unreal. And when the truth is brought home to one that matter and evil are unreal, numerous adjustments necessarily take place in one's thinking with regard to the things which pertain to matter and evil—one is forced to see them as unreal also.

The belief that evil is real holds mankind in all manner of bondage. It is the cause of fear, sorrow, sickness, suffering, and sin. If mankind understood, and realized, that God is Love, infinite good, and that evil is unreal, it could not possibly fear, be sick or sorrowful, sin or suffer. Obviously, then, the effort should be made to realize the truth so clearly that these afflictions will cease to appear. Christian Scientists are earnestly striving to put what they understand of spiritual truth into practice; and, unquestionably, they are reaping the reward of their faithfulness in an increasing measure of freedom.

"The Word was with God"
March 20, 1937

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