My first healing through Christian Science was of a recurrent...

My first healing through Christian Science was of a recurrent throat trouble of eight years' standing, which was declared by the last physician attending me to be threatening to become tubercular. One sister had died of tuberculosis, and my healing was really of an almost frantic fear of that dread disease. This healing occurred twenty-three years ago, and Christian Science has been my only physician since. In that time there have been innumerable healings in my family; healings of all sorts—physical, financial, and what, to me, is much greater, healings of many erroneous traits of character.

Some time ago I arose on a Wednesday morning with the lower lid of one eye quite puffed out. I declared that God is ever present, and that where God is, there is no discordant condition; but I was unable to go to church that evening, as the swelling seemed worse. It remained so until Friday noon. Friday afternoon I was due as a volunteer to attend the Reading Room, and I greatly desired to be free to do so. My deep desire was rewarded, for the eye was normal that afternoon and evening. The next morning I found the eye swollen shut and a streak of pain from the top of my head to my chin. I again worked, according to the teaching of the Christian Science textbook, but by night the error seemed so real that I went to a practitioner, through whose metaphysical work I had experienced two instantaneous healings before. The work was lovingly started, but this time the condition did not yield at once. Several days passed with much study and much correction of erroneous thought; then the healing came, and with it wonderful spiritual uplifting.

To say that I am grateful but poorly expresses it. A writer in an issue of the Sentinel declared that every demonstration in Christian Science glorifies God. My aim will be to glorify God daily.

Testimony of Healing
I am writing this testimony in gratitude to God for...
March 20, 1937

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