"God shall wipe away all tears"

No phase of human suffering calls for the healing power of divine Love more than does the grief which results from the apparent loss of dear ones. This is a universal cry in the heart of humanity, a cry so intense that it sometimes leads those in search of comfort into paths of error in the endeavor to understand that which is incomprehensible apart from the revelation of divine Science. Indeed, many Christian people have sought solace in the erroneous doctrine that God has bereaved them, and that therefore they must bow to His will with the thought that He knows best. And so our loving God is ignorantly held responsible for the tragedies of human experience, even though it is clear from the life and teaching of Christ Jesus that death is no part of the divine plan.

Someone may say, If only I could be allowed to have just a glimpse of my dear one and see for myself that he is still living and happy, then I would be content to wait until such time as we may meet again. Where does this longing come from? From personal sense! Has personal sense ever given us a true picture of anyone? Longing such as this claims as true the lie of separation. It claims that man is mortal, that he has beginning and ending, that his vision is so limited that he can lose sight of someone he loves. Until this personal longing is exchanged for the longing to know God, it does not reach out for the healing power of ever-present divine Love, so tenderly waiting to meet the human need.

"Time no longer"
January 16, 1937

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