In November, 1933, I had a healing of erysipelas which...

In November, 1933, I had a healing of erysipelas which brought to me such a firm conviction of God's presence and healing power that I feel the least I can do is to pass it along in this way, as a small expression of my gratitude.

When the disease first became manifest, it seemed like an ordinary cold and I did not do any particular mental work for it, but after a day or two the condition became so serious that I stayed home from work for a day. The next day, feeling better, I returned to work, not realizing that my face was swollen and inflamed. Just before leaving, the manager of the concern, knowing that I was a Christian Scientist, came to me and asked me to go home and stay until I was in better shape, and said that on account of the compensation insurance they carried on their employees, he felt that it would be necessary for me to be examined by a physician. He recognized my ailment but did not name it to me, and I was very grateful for this protection, for I did not know what it was myself nor how dangerous it was considered and so was spared that fear.

Testimony of Healing
My coming to Christian Science was the result of a longing...
June 15, 1935

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