Overcoming Resentment

Following some seeming injustice, who has not stood with finger on lips to keep back the unkind word that begs for utterance? But oh, the joy of the victory over the temptation to speak the cutting word! This restraint eventually leads to the greater victory over thoughts of resentment. And the desire to refrain from the hurtful retort will, in turn, be our protection from harm.

Is it not truly seeking to reflect God when we wish to hurt no one? And surely this unselfed thinking will go a long way toward opening our eyes to the nature of the seeming injustice; for this insight invariably shows us that what offended us was not any harm done to God's man, but rather a wounding of the false self of mortal mind's creating. Is it not frequently the case that we blame some person or circumstance when we refuse to improve our own conditions by right thinking?

On Finding One's Place
February 13, 1932

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