On Finding One's Place

Most individuals are constantly striving to improve their surroundings. Some are seeking new locations with the hope of there finding greater opportunities. Others are looking for new lines of work; while still others are seeking to establish themselves more pleasantly and comfortably in their present locations. In the various efforts made toward adjustment along these lines, it is possible for one to become so intent upon making a move or changing some circumstance that he overlooks the governing factor in the whole situation, namely, that he places himself according to the quality of his thinking. At first this may seem an illogical or inconsistent statement. It can, however, be proved true.

An individual, for instance, in a public office gains his position there by the knowledge he has of the requirements necessary to fill that place. This is equally true in any walk of life; and it will take little analysis to see that in any given case it is not the location or environment that enables an individual to be competent or successful, but that success is dependent on his mental state, his ability, integrity, constancy, and so forth. Likewise, one is apt, sooner or later, to place himself in limited, sick, and sinful surroundings by the mental concept he entertains.

On Being Different
February 13, 1932

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