In reply to "Oliver Twist" and "E. M.," writing in your...

Essex Chronicle,

In reply to "Oliver Twist" and "E. M.," writing in your issue of February 13, let me say that the former's difficulty would be solved if he would consider more carefully the difference between truth and error. There is nothing true but truth, and all truth is real; error is untrue, and therefore unreal. To know God and His infinitude should be mankind's sole aim. The works and teachings of Christ Jesus show us very clearly that he was occupied in destroying the seeming manifestations of evil in its various forms. He never busied himself about its origin, or why it seemed to be real. He destroyed it utterly.

A teacher of mathematics would not be taken in by all the possible mistakes which could be made through ignorance in the computation of numbers. What he would teach would be the exact science of mathematics. Supposing a boy asked him, "Where did the belief that two and two make five come from?" he would naturally answer, "From ignorance." Since God is infinite Mind, omniscience, and His spiritual idea, man, is His reflection, the true man must reflect infinite Mind, omniscience. Error cannot enter the consciousness of omniscience.

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