All my life I had searched for beauty, but always in...

All my life I had searched for beauty, but always in vain. From one high school I went to another, studied higher mathematics, philosophy, social science, and many languages in order to read, in the original, the masterpieces of their literature, and finally art. I gave lectures and graduated with the highest honors, but still I was not happy. Every study left me dissatisfied. The subject which had interested me, being easily mastered, left the vital questions about God and man unanswered.

I had been considered very delicate from my childhood, was in the constant care of doctors, and went from one health resort to another. As I had to spend about six months every year in bed, I studied there and went to college only shortly before the examinations. The physicians found my organs in bad condition, almost past cure they said. A heart disease had been considered inherited: my heart was said to be much too small for my height. I used powerful drugs, and did not dare to travel without several kinds of them. During the war I was separated from a beloved husband and lost my fortune. That seemed the climax. In our family of four the others were either too young or too old to work, and I was a physical wreck, threatened with an operation which had been postponed because of my weak condition.

Testimony of Healing
I came to Christian Science to find God, and not for...
February 13, 1932

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