"First the blade"

As winter flees before the spring sunshine, young leaves break from the boughs and myriad blades of grass jut from hills and dales. There is a stirring everywhere, and we say that spring is here. This apt word, spring, conveys a hint of the spontaneity and joy which characterize perpetual fruitage in God's plan of creation. But the grandest growth has often the smallest beginning, and so it may be with our growth in Christian Science. The Master said, "First the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear." The blade may be likened to our first glimpse of Christian Science. This first vision of spiritual being may come to us in childhood, or perhaps after manifold trials and disillusions; and these may seem to have hardened us, even as trees are toughened through many a bleak winter.

One who has hitherto thought of himself as a faulty human being, and nothing else, should strengthen the young blade by his study of the Bible and the authorized Christian Science literature. There he will feast his starved spirituality on the beauty of Mind's creation, the naturalness of good, the freedom of Truth, the joy of divine Love, the eternal completeness of God's own image.

April 26, 1930

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