Before knowing of Christian Science, religion meant very...

Before knowing of Christian Science, religion meant very little to me. It meant a casual, vague acknowledgment of a God who was situated in some remote place called heaven, and it entailed a very reluctant and occasional visit to a place of worship. But since the revelation of Christian Science came into my life I have found religion to mean a vital sense of the ever-presence of a God who is loving and near. So many blessings have come into my life since I took up the study of Christian Science as revealed by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, that it is hard to enumerate them.

Physical, financial, and moral healings have been experienced, health restored where ill health had been the accepted condition, and harmony established where discord and hate had seemed to reign. A sure sense of quiet and peace has found a place in my consciousness, making me supremely grateful for the small understanding I have of the law of God, good, operating through the unfolding of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
When I was a young child my father was wonderfully led...
April 26, 1930

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