I shall not endeavor here to answer the question of a...

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I shall not endeavor here to answer the question of a clergyman in the report of his sermon published in your recent issue, "Why is it that nearly all of the churches hardly have a handful on Sunday morning?" But I should like space to reply to his statement that "the devil sent three cults to break up the church of the Lord," one of which he names Christian Science. Your readers should be given the opportunity to know the published opinions of two other equally well-informed individuals about this religion: "The Christian Science churches have been crowded because they have been in a real sense the church of the living God. They have somehow persuaded people that there is a living God, whose strength is, in a real way, at their command; that not merely the past, but the present and the future are the field of God's control and action, and that because He is, there can be nothing fundamentally wrong with the world." This quotation is from Dr. Edward S. Parsons, president of Marietta College, in his baccalaureate sermon three years ago.

"Christian Science is one of the most extraordinary religious movements of modern times, and a testimony to the vital need of absolute religion in the life of to-day. Its great achievements is its vision of God as the All-good, the All-real, the All-loving, and its technique of realization whereby the love and power of God are demonstrated to be real and workable in everyday life, ventilating the mind, transfiguring the spirit, and lifting men and women out of the fear that stands in weakness, into the faith that walks in power." This quotation is from the editor of Woman's Home Companion.

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